The Use of Micro-silica Fume

Micro-silica fume, also called  silica fume or silicon powder. It is obtained by the unique design of the collection of powdered and amorphous silica. The average diameter of the particle is between 0.15 to 0.20μm and have the surface area between 15000 to 20000m2 / kg. It also has strong surface activity. For many years, micro-silica fume is being widely used in metallurgy, chemical, construction and other fields. A large amount of micro-silica fume  is added to concrete or cement mixture for improving their performance. Due to this mixing, the mixture becomes anti freeze, non penetrative, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and gets ultra high strength. Due to all these benefits, this mixture is used for the construction of high rise buildings, tunnels, runways of airports, highways, railway bridges, port terminals, hydroelectric power plants and dams. Micro-silica fume can also be utilized for the production of  ceramic products and refractories since it improves the durability and strength of the product. It plays an important role in improving the performance of materials, hence used as fillers in various polymer materials along with rubber, resins, coatings and paints.

Micro-silica fume has many beneficial characteristics. Unlike cenosphere India, it improves the liquidity of casting refractory, reduces the consumption of water thereby making it simple to shape and greatly improves the efficiency. Because of its role as interstitial, strength and density of refractory have improved greatly.

In case of concrete, micro silica has many benefits. Unlike cenosphere from India, significantly improves the performance of pumping and strength of concrete. Since it makes the concrete waterproof, it is used in the manufacture of chemical concrete, high rise buildings, tunnels and the basement of the subways, tunnels. Since it has properties of high density, it can prevent effectively the penetration of chloride and sulfate ions on the concrete, thereby avoiding the subject to corrode thus increasing the concrete life.


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